B & Tea Balancing Toner

by Sara Birer October 20, 2016

It was such a pleasure to receive positive feedback from a customer about the B & Tea Balancing Toner by Aesop recently. This particular customer had sensitive skin and was sceptical about using a toner. Traditionally, toner was made with alcohol and carried a negative stigma of being harsh on the skin. In contrast, Aesop uses plant based materials to create a gentle and mild product. Toner is essential within a skincare regime in removing excess grime, preparing the skin to subsequently moisturise. It also balances complexion by maintaining consistency between oily and dry areas of the skin.

B & Tea toner uses ylang ylang to balance sebum production and sodium gluconate to promote regular skin cell turnover. This in turn evens complexion, along with witch hazel to counteract oil and potential pimples. Panthenol and aloe vera add soothing, calming and anti inflammatory properties. Completed with refreshing green tea extract, B & Tea Balancing Toner is the perfect product for sensitive and combination skin.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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