Cire Trudon, for God and the King

by Sara Birer April 20, 2017

The best candles in the world have arrived at Sweet Fern Ballarat. 

Cire Trudon was established in 1643 by Claude Trudon, a hardworking Parisian man who traded groceries and candles. The candles were supplied to churches and cathedrals and subsequently became recognised amongst royalty such as Louis XIV's. Claude Trudon expanded his business to carry his namesake through superior and masterful candle making skills. The business survived the French Revolution continuing to supply to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Today, these luxury candles are a beacon of history and art. Cire Trudon are made in Normandy, France. The hand blown glass is sent from Italy and no two candles are identical. The golden embellished label on each candle ( crafted by a French champagne maker) features the words "deo regique laborant" which translates to "the bees work for God and the King".

An extraordinary gift for special occasions, friends and loved ones.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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