Fit for a Queen

by Sara Birer March 01, 2017

Lubin was founded in the 17th century by Pierre François Lubin who began a career selling scented ribbons to from a small boutique in Paris. The French Revolution brought upon change and Pierre expanded his products to create indulgent and bespoke fragrances. His talent was soon recognised by European royalty and from humble beginnings came the illustrious House of Lubin.

Sweet Fern welcome's the arrival of Kismet, which translates to destiny or faith in Turkish. This niche perfume was made for a beautiful princess who was popular at Parisian soirees, but one day vanished. The mystery remains, some have said she was an Ottoman spy, others a dilettante socialite.

Kismet is a sensuous feminine scent which captivates this story through depth; a complex blend of citrus, heavy florals sitting on a base of opoponax (myrrh) and vanilla.

Available online with AfterPay or in store at: 
Sweet Fern
114 Armstrong St South
Ballarat 3350

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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