Floris Festivities

by Sara Birer November 17, 2016

Sweet Fern are excited to launch the Floris London product range.

This is our second range that has the Royal Seal of Approval, and has been worn by British royalty. In celebration of this, Sweet Fern held a festive event in the spirit of Christmas - which is just around the corner. It was delightful to have a guest appearance from niche perfume expert Lucy Borland to join the Christmas cheer.

Sweet Fern are lucky enough to have a loyal customer following, some of whom have watched the business grow over the past two years. We thank you kindly in supporting local business and niche products.

Laughter, smiles and wines were shared. This beautiful food platter didn't last long either! We were very lucky and excited to receive some goodies from the Gut Food Stylist which is all made right here in Ballarat. 

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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