Hwyl, a new addition by Aesop

by Sara Birer November 02, 2017

Hwyl is the third olfactory creation by Aesop.

Formulated alongside Barnabé Fillion, this eccentric scent is described as grounding and peaceful. The unisex fragrance resembles an ancient forest of Japan, inspired by the captivating 300 year old Hiba trees found in the Hinoki Forest. Hwyl is classified as a smoky and woody scent, with oriental elements of rich hyssop and moss.

Earthy top notes of nutmeg, pepper and thyme melt into a heart of geranium and suede. A woody rich base is reminiscent of the solitude and stillness to be found within nature. Myrrh and frankincense project a smoky undertone accompanied with crisp accords of cypress and vetiver.

Hwyl is packaged in an elegant amber bottle. The box features a contemporary design from Australian artist Jonathan McCabe.

Shop now for the perfect Christmas gift for any Aesop lover or fragrance collector.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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