Ivory Tribe

by Sara Birer August 24, 2016

It was such a beautiful experience hosting a bridal shower photographed and featured within the Ivory Tribe blog by the talented Stephani Driscoll. Sweet Fern collaborated with other local businesses to create a sophisticated soiree for Tess and her bridal party. 

Smell triggers emotion and memories. It is crucial to have the perfect wedding fragrance as it will be forever associated with your wedding day. Within bridal showers, Sweet Fern consider the wedding bouquet, venue and dress in styling a fragrance perfect for the bride herself. 

Preparation for the event commenced in the morning. The balloon arbour by Lark Store was the perfect pastel archway as guests entered the venue. Rachel from Wild Daughter created a magnificent floral installation using gold chain and vines. The store was a mystical garden by the time Rachel had finished. Mitchell Harris Wine Bar supplied beverages and cake by Pretty Special Cakes made for an elegant afternoon sharing wine, knowledge and smiles.

Perfume is all about memories and this was an unforgettable one. 


Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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