La Promeneuse

by Sara Birer July 13, 2017

Cire Trudon was founded by wax maker Claude Trudon in 1643. The superior quality of the candles was soon recognised and Cire Trudon began to make for cathedrals and royal courts. Cire Trudon candles are designed and created in Normandy, France. Due to the detailed craftsmanship involved in producing these candles, no two are the same. 

The range is now available at Sweet Fern, including La Promeneuse. La Promeneuse combines functionality and elegance. It was designed by Pauline Deltour to encompass an image that Claude Trudon himself envisaged. This luxury lantern features hand blown antique glass and an rustic gold handle. 
To use, a wax melt is placed in the ceramic cup above a lit candle. The heat will activate the scented cameo to project its fragrance throughout the room. The cameos are available in one of four signature compilations of the Cire Trudon range.

Abd El Kadar - a fresh and herbaceous blend of Moroccan mint. 
Ernesto - a smooth and smoky combination of leather, tobacco and woods. 
Joséphine - the sweet scent of a floral garden.
Madeleine - delicate petals on a bed of handsome leather.

Indulge yourself in this decorative masterpiece available at Sweet Fern Ballarat.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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