Les Belles Matières

by Sara Birer August 04, 2017

Les Belles Matières which translates to 'let materials be' is the latest collection from Cire Trudon. This exotic trio of unique luxury candles encompass botanic aromas from across the globe. The depth of essential oil within each candle evokes a sensually invigorating experience. Each candle tells a narrative from beyond and is hand poured into transparent blue glass trimmed with the Cire Trudon crest. 

Since jasmine was discovered in India it has played a quintessential role in spiritual practices through to loose leaf tea and beauty rituals. Madurai is a floral blend with a full heart of jasmine absolute.

In 1828 mandarin was introduced to Calabria and is a feature of Reggio. This candle boasts of sweet grapefruit, mandarin and mimosa. Reggio is sweet, unlike traditional citrus it is smooth rather than sharp; delicate and light.

The third of this range is a contemporary and bespoke scent, sandalwood from New Caledonia. Tadine is the natural and dry scent of crisp sandalwood, an ailment for anxiety and often found in calming incense. 

Purchase your limited edition Cire Trudon candle through Afterpay online.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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