Making sense of scents

by Sara Birer November 26, 2016

Michael Edwards is an innovator, ambassador and industry guru for all fragrances. The "perfume experts’ expert" is renowned for his impartial classification of all perfume into families based on the composition of notes. These families have been placed within a wheel for visual demonstration. The fragrance wheel is a guide for retailers to facilitate customers in finding a fragrance style or preference.

Michael held an exclusive seminar in Melbourne in which Sweet Fern owner Kate and staff member Sara attended. This was an exceptional experience. It was an honour to meet the man and witness his true passion and expertise. His most recent book Fragrances Of The World is used for reference within Sweet Fern. This year over 8000 fragrance have been classified.

Come into Sweet Fern and find out which fragrance family suits you!

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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