Odeurs d'Hiver

by Sara Birer November 15, 2017

Sweet Fern welcome the arrival of Odeurs d'Hiver by Cire Trudon.

The three limited edition Christmas candles are inspired by Japanese spirits infused with perfumes that hearten the soul. Étoile (star), Lumière (light) and Ciel (sky) are names which resinate from the Far East.

Each candle is in a box garnished with a metallic love knot which represents a celestial omen. 

Étoile (star) indulges traditional Japanese incense, voluptuous cedar and Hinoki wood softening aldehydes. The box is trimmed with Hana-Musubi, an open knot which is symbolic of repeated good fortune. This knot can be easily tied and untied.

Lumière (light) embraces Japanese amber that carries the festive season. Cashmere wood, iris, patchouli lies upon a base of amber and sweet tonka bean. The Awabi-Musubi, or slipknot, represents eternal life and longevity.

Ciel smells of a warm log fire in the heart of winter. This is a comforting blend of birch, marron glace, moss, musk and patchouli. With a hint of delicate chestnut, Ciel calls upon festive memories. The knot known as kagome musubi (or woven rose) protects against evil spirits.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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