Spring into Sweet Fern

by Sara Birer October 01, 2016

Spring is in the air and Summer is around the corner. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your fragrance wardrobe with a fresh and uplifting scent. Fragrance is the ultimate fashion accessory and different notes will come in and out of trend; citrus and green fragrances are the top picks for 2016. Here are some Spring selections from Sweet Fern's niche perfume range.

Based on the drink of the time, Gin Fizz by House of Lubin contains a burst of sparkling citrus top notes, drying down into musk and florals. Dedicated to the beauty of Grace Kelly of Monaco, this elegant bottle replicates the feminine bodice and classic wide brimmed hat the princess wore.

Madagascan Jasmine is one of the Grandiflora Magnolia range by florist Saskia Havekes. This refreshing and intensely green scent translates nature to fragrance. Perfumer Michel Roudnitska was inspired by the Madagascan jasmine flower (stephanotis floribunda) partnering it with alternative florals and a fixative of musk.
Lalique is a symbol of French luxury and was founded over a century ago. The name is associated with contemporary crystal glassware pieces, jewellery and now fragrance. La'mour is a sensuous blend of citrus and floral notes and has been described as a love potion. This seductive blend was launched in 2013 by the famous nose Nathalie Lorson.

Penhaligon's have supplied fragrance for British Royalty. Blasted Bloom encompasses natural and fresh flora of the British coastline. This unique blend of aquatic accords is both light and complex containing fresh leaves, cedar, moss and musk; a clean and clear scent.

Dear Rose is a line of fragrances created by a mother daughter duet. Chantal Roos and her daughter Alexandra combined traditional with contemporary creating a unique blend of four fragrances. A Capella contains notes of rose bud absolute, ivy leaves and blond wood. The scent has been described as dewy, ozonic and humble.

Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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