I am the designer and director of Amacyn natural perfume. My passion for the power of aromatherapy and the energy of essential oils to enhance vibration and beauty started when I was 13 years old. Inspired by the powers of essential oils I began my journey in making natural perfume and gave birth to AMACYN in November 2015. Its place of origin and birth is Rose Bay Sydney Australia.

I live and breathe making natural and organic perfumes as demonstrated by the number of perfumes I have made for a long period of time. The making and consumption of organic and natural products is not a trend it is a way of life to me. I have been sharing this to my customers and colleagues in the industry for a long time. 

I do not use plastic materials in our bottle, caps, and boxes. I keep this to a minimum of .05%. Plastic materials destroys the habitat of our marine wild life. I try to be consistent and seriously committed in supporting the environment and animal life. Not only in the form of what I eat and the ingredients that I use in my perfume but what I also use in my packaging. I always try my best not to be half hearted with what I truly believe. Our bottle are recyclable and the wooden caps are biodegradable. The crimp neck and collar of the bottle can be detached making your bottle refillable.


At the heart of our product lies a conviction, the power of essential oils. The combination of this precious concentrates with powerful key ingredients capable of meeting the skin's precise needs is derived from thirty-seven years of perfume designing and nine years of researched and this cosmetic Aromatherapy expertise has enabled Amacyn to select 128 essential oils which are used in our 483 formulations. 


We started as a small company with humble beginnings in Sydney Australia. Today we can deliver worldwide to 240 countries across Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific, Oceania, North and South America, and Middle East.

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