LESSE is a new way of thinking about organic skin care.
A transformative ritual to elevate skin in myriad ways.

Converging high performance botanicals and
sustainable practices.

— for an effective but gentle solution for skin and planet.


In our world, less is more. This philosophy takes shape in our
elevated ritual

— a discerning edit of only the essential.

Limited but highly effective, organic products that prioritize skin’s
health and our irreplaceable Earth.


Our approach is uncompromising; equally focused on
quality and consciousness. From growing many of our
own ingredients to using innovative, eco-friendly
packaging solutions.

— an ongoing commitment we have had to our planet
since day one, and a path guiding us towards our goal of
carbon neutrality by 2024.

Currently encompassing planet-conscious packaging,
considered cultivation of the organic ingredients we
grow, verified sustainability of all we source