Dolce Kaos 100ml


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Dolce Kaos.  Two different worlds in physical, olfactory exchange: two opposite worlds that converge in a place called Kaos.  The idea of 'sweet chaos' stems from a short circuit of thoughts that brings together a phrase by the Sicilian writer Luigi Pirandello, a famous film by the Taviani brothers and a real but mythical place in Sicily called Kaos, DOLCE KAOS evokes a Sicilian landscape of land and sea, a countryside blazed and cracked by the August sun, an intense light where all is yellow and rust, a place of stillness where time is marked by the rasp of invisible cicadas.  The air is heavy with wild herbs, dry straw and arid hay; the scent of thyme, and carobs blackended by the burning sun.  But the sea talks to the dry land and the cracked earth is soothed by a soft, salty breeze.  There's a dream of blue light, of dying seaweed on black lava rocks.  A mirage under the summer sun, a fusion of land and sea, the intoxication of DOLCE KAOS.

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