I Am Sempre Vivo Perfume


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Nose Out:  A suave earthy wood notes. Sempre Vivo is inspired by the scent of deep and intense wood. It is designed to bring us memories of leather, cognac, whisky, cigar, outback, wild wild west, and cowboy boots. It evokes the scent of freshly cut woods that reminds us of a fireplace and cabin in the woods.


Sempre reminds me of my childhood days when my wooden cubby house is being built. It reminded me of the smell of wood shaves. It reminded me of those playful times.


It brings back memories from 1970 when people all over the world are awakened of the importance of life. When environmental protection and animal rights were first shouted and celebrated in the parliament of the street. It is the first climate change voice when tree huggers shouted their love to our forest.  


Sempre Vivo reminds us not only the notes (patchouli, helichrysum, and vetiver) that we are familiar with but it also tells us a story about a world that respected the natural cycle of life. Where the lifeforce between trees and humanity is considered sacred. - Ferlyn Genato Perfumer Artist



Notes: Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli), chrysopogon zizanioides (Vetiver), helichrysum italicum (Helichrysum).



  • Olfaction: Intense wood and leathery.
  • Gender Bias: Perfume for Him and Her 90/10.
  • Longevity: 5 to 24 hours
  • Most suitable season to wear: Winter
  • When to wear: It is a night perfume.
  • Wearer Care: Pregnant women and *sensitive skin friendly.
  • Shelf life: Approximately 2 year.


*This perfume does not use vetiver natural extract it only uses steam distilled essential oil. Natural extract is processed using aqueous solutions, which can contain synthetic ingredients. These natural extracts are included as a natural allergen ingredient in Europe. I Am Sempre Vivo is one of the most loved and worn perfume by our customers who have sensitive skin and allergic reaction to synthetic and isolate ingredients of perfumes. They remained happy wearers of this perfume.


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Type: Perfume

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