B Belt



For over a century, B.Belt' have been handmade in Germany preserving a long-running family heritage and tradition. The company was founded more than 100 years ago by Phillip Bazlan, beginning as a saddlery and later expanding into leather goods when Bazlen’s son, Max, took over in the twentieth century. In the ’70s, Bazlen’s grandsons introduced the brand’s now signature, artisan-made studded belts. B.Belt's first-class, quality leathers are sourced from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany to create each belt.


The heart of our label is our team. Without each and every one of these specialists we are nothing. Not only because we create so much by hand, but also because great ideas require passionate people. And we find them and rely on them at B.BELT to meet our high standards of work and product.

Every belt form passes through the hands of approximately 25 skilled workers. Glove makers, saddlers, and fine bag makers all work to create each belt. Their craftsmanship is revealed in the saddler’s elements; seams are hand sewn to secure the clasps.

In addition to exciting young talents, many employees have stayed with us for several decades. We completely avoid exploitation of cheap production in third countries, only manufacturing under the fairest conditions – handmade in Germany. We believe you can see it in our products.