Pineward Perfumes


Pineward perfumes capture abandoned alpine farmsteads, boreal bracken and briars, frost-laden and fog-blanketed firs, loam-covered logs, prickles of pine, thickly thicketed thistles, rotting rooted carpets, morel mushroom mycelium, sap encrusted spruces, misty, murky, mossy, forests up in a stoppered bottle. My hope is that wearing Pineward perfume will transport you to remote untamed forests far, far, past the reaches of civilization and into primeval black woods of fantasy.

I love all things pertaining to pines and conifers, but I find most perfumes I've tried shy away from the raw forest aspects. My goal in crafting these scents is to create the ultimate line of pine and fir perfumes, using the highest-quality natural ingredients possible to source. I don't wish to box myself in by making only coniferous perfumes, but they are a core tenet of Pineward. These perfumes are raw, unapologetically brutal affairs that attempt to emulate the gorgeous smells already found in nature.

The perfumes of Pineward are crafted largely using heavily concentrated absolutes and should be tested on small patches of skin before further application, or alternatively they may be worn on dark-colored garments. The perfumes are alcohol-based (using 200 proof grain alcohol), containing a mixed medium of natural materials and aromachemical components for support and stability. Steading is a non-vegan blend as it contains beeswax absolute and beaver castor, Velvetine also contains shore-gathered ambergris.