Histoires de Parfum


An authored olfactory library that tells stories on the skin, the Histoires de Parfums collection celebrates extraordinary characters, from the infamous Marquis de Sade to Ernest Hemingway, achieved through exquisite fragrant materials.

Storyteller Gérald Ghislain interprets biographical stories and sublimates them masterfully into smell. The resulting perfumes are powerful, instantly memorable, and uniquely distinct. Consider the cult favourite and inimitable 1740, a masterwork of unconstrained libertine perfumery that is intense, earthy, and showcases the absolute depths of leather and patchouli.

" My perfumes have never been about a quest for the most beautiful scent,
but always for the most beautiful emotion." 

Gérald Ghislain wrote his own story with the frantic rhythm of a passionate jack of all trades. An epicurean, he tastes all of life’s savors, sprinkling his daily life with refined luxury. He gives his all to his projects. Insatiable wonderer, he listens, reads and discovers, drawing inspiration from his trips and encounters. Gerald is impulsive and fully committed to his projects.

Gerald founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 and created a collection of rare and delicate perfumes: these perfumes like him are rich in temperament and are so, so romantic!