Nasomatto is an olfactory platform of the nose.

Each fragrance stands as an artistically personal expression of the creator. Top quality ingredients chased around the world, risks taken, knowledge gained, personal experiences and observations melt into the work, where each element plays an important role and is a part of a bigger picture.

Nasomatto was established in 2007 by Alessandro Gualtieri as a desperate outburst after being restricted by the regulations in his previous professional activities. While working for multinational companies and creating scents from detergents to high end perfumery brands, within all all the projects Alessandro, also known as the nose, had to follow specific instructions and trend forecasts dictating "What is 'IN' this season and what is not". He felt that his creative freedom was limited and was upset with the system. During these years of work he earned the name 'Cray Nose' due to the fact his creations were always daring and he was approaching the field in his, very unusual way by either combining odd ingredients or writing uncommon formulas. To break with his past and to be able to express himself fully, Alessandro felt the urge to become independent and launch is own brand. the name 'Nasomatto' translates from the Italian as 'crazy nose'.

The Nose doesn't believe in the olfactory pyramids, neither he wants to enclose the ingredients in use. He holds great respect for raw materials and believes that revealing them would limit and mislead the smelling process. in the past, perfume used to be a magic potion and ingredients a well-kept secret. The Nose wants to maintain those approach in his perfume creations. The Nose wants the smellers to interpret the fragrance in their own personal way by becoming one with the scent. The Nose wants to get personal and give freedom.