Our Story

Sweet Fern. A treasure trove of luxurious scents and beautiful Australian Made Body Products in the heart of our beautiful regional city Ballarat.

Our aim is simple - to bring a fresh approach to finding the perfect fragrance for a reason, a season or a lifetime!

Our boutique

Passion for fragrance
Our team have great passion for not only perfume but also for people, and delight in giving perfume advice about our carefully selected Niche Perfumes from around the world by way of Personal Perfume Profilings.

We also love to create elegant events with a dash of whimsy and delight!

Why Sweet Fern? It's simple really, a little play on words. Fern is the English word for the french fougère meaning 'fern-like', a style of perfume originating in 1882. It is in fact, not sweet smelling at all, but we think it's pretty sweet that it's the first aromatic accord in modern perfumery.