Jan Barba - ANGLAIS Extrait de Parfum 30ml

Jan Barba Perfumes

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Aromatic Fougere

Nose / Perfumer :- Bartosz Puzio

ANGLAIS refers to the harshness of the British Isles, its weather and climate. Lavender, the main note of the perfume, is one of the few plants cultivated in the British Isles that is used in perfumes. The harsh, windy, rainy climate, the moss-covered stone houses and the scent of herbal lavender create an image of memories that brings to mind the scent of ANGLAIS.

The perfume has a warm, herbal-fresh, dry, woody, rough character, with notes of spice, tobacco and coumarin. They are intense and complex.

HEAD NOTES: Herbal lavender
HEART NOTES: tonka, fresh white thyme, powdery iris
BASE NOTES: earthy vetiver, rough oakmoss, cypriol, cedarwood

Note :  All Jan Barba's beautiful Extrait's are complex and beg your skin in which to develop. 

Sweet Fern is proud to be an Exlclusive and Official Stockist of Jan Barba's fragrances.

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