Fugazzi - Parfum 1 - 50ml


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Top notes:
Fresh Citrus / Blackcurrant / Spearmint / Mandarin

Mid notes:
Davana / Oliban / Orangeblossom / Pink Peppers

Base notes:
Patchouli / Musks / Sandalwood / Cederwood

“I knew it the second he walked by me for the first time. That scent would give me sleepless nights. His perfume was so mesmerizing that I probably couldn’t even tell you the color of his shirt, but I could talk about how that fragrance would make me feel for hours. So we did and lucky for me, those sleepless nights were not spent alone.”

Looking for an unapologetic scent that shifts any situation into top gear? Parfum 1 is not just powerful and mysterious, it’s a statement that only the real ones can fully understand. The fresh top notes of citrus and blackcurrant are infatuating and gracefully ride a wave of woody undertones like Sandalwood and Musk that trigger a craving like no other.


Collections: Fugazzi, Perfume

Type: Perfume

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