Hermetica Paris - Redmoon 50ml

Hermetica Paris

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Discover Redmoon from Hermetica. 


Redmoon eau de parfum is a composition full of contrast and mystery, orchestrating the unique encounter between the vetiver oil and the pink pepper oil and revealing a lively freshness with a new shine. The leathery amber accord subtly eclipses the bouquet, adding warmth and intensity to the fragrance an awe-inducing alignment of the stars.

The colour of life, of passion, it also recalls the hue of an ingredient full of spice: Peruvian pink pepper oil is the beating heart of Redmoon. Red is paired here with vetiver oil to give substance to a pulsating composition. The skin in is conquered territory.

Friendly night star that shines each evening and regulates the dreams and desires of humankind. Its hidden face is the other side of Redmoon: set fully within a leather note, contained in a leather amber accord, ushering itself in weightlessly, out of the blue. A total eclipse, suspended time. The moon knows this state well and takes on a garnet glow. Redmoon.

Hermetica Paris continues its commitment to the environment with its new cylindrical, recyclable, 100% plastic-free paper case. Now adorned with the motif associated with each fragrance, it reveals a softer, more tender celadon green bottle that is reusable and produced from locally sourced sand to reduce its carbon footprint. One more step for the protection of the environment that completes the Hermetica Paris choreography and the dance of the fragrance on the skin.

Top: Pepper
Heart: Vetiver
Base: Leather amber accord


Collections: Hermetica Paris

Type: Natural Perfume

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