Jusbox - No Rules 78ml Eau de Parfum


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Olfactive family: Aromatic Woody
Perfumer: Antoine Lie
Concentration: 15%.

London calls, punk answers. The UK’s capital city gives birth to the revolution. Losing the melody and drowning in noise, it’s an explosion creating a new way of life. DIY is punk’s core philosophy. Independent labels self-produce new sounds where thrashing drums and bass are soared over by distorted guitars – a new musical expressionism which rejects social control. God save the Queen.


No Rules. Punk is a rebellion against the canons of traditional musical form; it’s a rejection of the controlling systems of everyday life and an antidote to conservatism. Punk is a new humanity where vice is celebrated as virtue. In the creation of No Rules fragrance, Master Perfumer Antoine Lie expresses olfactory tension and creative irreverence through the sublimation of antithetic accords. Crystalline notes of aldehydes combine with fleeting notes of ethereal and saffron. In the heart, sweetish notes of vinyl meet warm hints of cinnamon, whilst lavender pays homage to tradition. In the dry down, birch bark woody accord melts with the intensity of leather and is overturned by the freshness and purity of musk. This fragrance is freedom, a new form of creative act.

Aldehydes, ethereal, saffron

Lavender, vinyl, cinnamon

Agreement skin, birch bark, moss



A music and emotional tension sublimates the inner conflicts of a social and cultural rebellion. Punk is a non-conventional sound- it has no rules, just one diktat: Do it Yourself.


William Shakespeare was the first to use the word Punketo identify a subculture, a marginal world where survival instinct predominates over feelings.

February, 1978. The Sex Pistols swear on prime time TV, after 5 o'clock tea. Punk becomes a mass phenomenon and movement. Born as subculture, Punk embodies the creative act of being ourselves. Music is the detonator of a social explosion. 

Clothing makes the dissent clear. Punk couture, the expression of dressing down, turns fashion canons upside down: ripped clothes, paste-ups of recycled pieces, biker boots, pins and studs, daring hairstyles with bold colors and dip-dye mohawks.  Underwear becomes outwear, on one hand evoking the aristocratic habit of showing petticoat laces and on the other hand rejecting the puritan mainstream culture. It is an explosion of creativity which changes everything and rewrites the rules, going beyond each and every preconception – it is anarchy. The thrash and speed and anger of
punk could not be sustained forever. But the revolutionary ideas born from it changed the world forever; there is punk in each of us.

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Type: Perfume

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