Maesi Clary Sage Hydrosol 100ml Pure Botanical Water


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Raised from seed, Clary Sage produces beautiful flowers of purple and white in its second year of growth. Grown here on our tiny farm in Sawyers Valley and distilled in a handmade copper still with love and time to allow it to reach its full potential.

The result is gentle, whole plant skin and soul medicine.

To Use | Spritz over the face and body after cleansing or to freshen up during the day. As a room or linen spray. 

Skin Types | Clary Sage is considered antiseptic, antispasmodic, calming and warming. Use it on wounds and acne to help with healing. Clary Sage balances out oily skin and its antiseptic properties help to clear and support acne prone skin.

Energetic Properties | Clary Sage is considered a tonic for hormone regulation and support. It is known to support emotional distress, uterine cramping and depression as a result of burnout.

Ingredients | Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage)*^ Hydrosol. *Organic ^Maesi Grown


Type: Hydrosol