Nasomatto - Sadonaso 30ml


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Nasomatto Sadonaso is a unisex sweet perfume.

The pleasure of the senses is like a kaleidoscope of individual experiences that warm the soul. Every new sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch brings a heightened level of bliss that persists long after the moment has passed. It is a journey of discovery, unfolding a plethora of new sensations and emotions that can be explored and savoured. This fragrance is an aroma that lingers like a whisper in the dark. One that encourages the act of freeing self-indulgence. Sadonaso is the result of a chase after the incomparable feeling of an unknown desire. Materialised as we sweat in pursuit of self-creation. Ultimately, the beauty of life is that the secret to the future is unknowable and subject to change. Sadonaso is the chase after the incomparable feeling of a secret desire coming to fruition. It is the sweat of pleasure that leaves a trail during the journey.

''This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto. There is no purpose in life beyond the pleasure of the senses. I have a secret desire that even I don’t know about, as I am constantly discovering a new one. I think that secret represents the true future.'' - The Nose

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Type: Perfume

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