Parle Moi - Haute Provence/ 89 50ml

Parle Moi De Parfum

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Haute Provence is a summer holiday in the Provence! 

Extensive fields of full lavender, sunshine and a whiff of sea air... This is such a happy fragrance, much more of a fruity fragrance (without ever becoming sweet) than lavender fragrance. Absolutely unisex and easy to wear, all year round in fact!

Parle Moi de Parfum: "We all have a memory in Provence, child or adult, this region is synonymous with lightness, letting go and holidays. Haute Provence / 89 is our tribute to it.
The beauty of its lavender fields perfectly aligned as far as the eye can see. A plant which by its flower alone floods a region and colors it for eternity. It is the most beautiful thing, its simplicity renders the superfluous old-fashioned and makes it an icon which crosses the world.
Lavender is the star here, the melons and watermelons bring sunshine and make it seductive, a hint of Narcissus, bewitching. If there were only one, this note would be the signature."

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Type: Perfume

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