SelfAmour Rose Quartz Eye Mask


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Delivering the ultimate luxurious pampering experience, this stunning Rose Quartz Eye Mask visibly restores, nourishes and reverses signs of ageing around the delicate eye area while stabilising any disharmony in your energy field, Meticulously hand woven polished Rose Quartz crystals work at tightening and lifting the deepest cellular layers of the skin while the luxurious weight of the mask tenderly envelops the face in a blanket of security and imparts a deep calming state of relaxation and serenity. The end result is a peacefully quiet mind and a divinely radiant complexion that glows with ageless grace. "

Step 1. Lay down in a quiet comfortable space and place the eye mask over the eye area.  Just relax for 20mins or for as long as you want.

You might want to light up your favourite candle and turn on some calming meditation music.

Step 2.  Turn the mask upside down and place over the jaw area to increase blood flow and soothe tension in this area.

Step 3.  Remove the mask and apply a nourishing serum as usual.



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Type: Eye Mask

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