Viadeimille - Kore Sacra 100ml


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In the garden of our house in Via dei Mille, there was a pomegranate tree, and as children, on golden autumn afternoons, we would play at making pipes from its smaller fruits. It certainly was an initiation – as though we unconsciously sensed the mysteries of this sacred fruit, whose blood red seeds gleamed like gemstones at its heart. The pomegranates of the Via dei Mille brought us to a sacred place, the site of an ancient sanctuary to the goddess Kore, at Enna, in the heart (core) of Sicily. And here, by chance, at the Brotherhood of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, we discovered a small treasure. The pomegranates, the myth of Kore, the sacred hearts lovingly crafted by generations of local women – all in the very heart of Sicily: KORE SACRA captures this dreamlike moment when disparate things, places and stories merge in a new vision; it interweaves magic and devotion, endings and rebirth, the mythical fruit of the pomegranate and the cult of the sacred which persists to this day.

The scents of VIA DEI MILLE are made with selected ingredients that include exclusive essential oils from Sicily.

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