10 facts about niche perfume!

by Sara Birer November 24, 2017

Photography by Pretty Flamingo

1. Niche perfume houses such as House of Lubin have been supplying to royal courts and wealthy nobles for centuries. Designer fragrance evolved in recent years as the perfume industry became commercialised through the entry of fashion brands and celebrity scents.

2. Perfume houses adhere to traditional principals in order to differentiate from mainstream perfumes which are mass produced. Distribution is exclusive to artisanal boutiques as opposed to discount chain stores. There is often one perfumer, rather than a team of 20 or more people, whom is often in charge of the house.

3. Niche perfume brands rely on a high quality and a unique product offering rather than engaging in large scale advertisement and marketing campaigns. The "juice" of the fragrance is the most important part and therefore where the budget is invested.

4. Niche fragrances contain some of the most expensive and rare raw ingredients such as ambergris, agarwood and frankincense, providing for a truly indulgent experience.

5. Controversial niche perfumes are those which focus on a single note such as Not A Perfume and Molecule 01. These can be non allergenic, provide relief for breastfeeding women or sensitive skin.

6. In 2000, Frederic Malle, grandson of the founder of Dior perfumes, expressed recognition for niche perfumers. He believes that celebrity perfumes have almost "killed" the perfume industry driving it to become a self-service product acquisition.

7. The marketplace is showing 60% growth of niche perfume sales since 2005. Individuals are seeking a bespoke signature scent. Unique collections such as Fragonard are attracting customers who are on a quest for individuality.

8. Most niche perfumes are designed to be unisex. Scent is personal, and a fragrance will react to the chemical composition of skin. Therefore it will smell different on each person regardless of gender.

9. Greater attention to detail is involved in the composition and construction of notes, using only higher calibre ingredients. This is why a niche perfume holds greater depth and is longer lasting on the skin.

10. Sweet Fern are the largest niche perfume stockist in Regional Victoria, Australia. Visit us at our quaint boutique located in the heart of Ballarat.

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Sara Birer
Sara Birer


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