Know the skin you're in!

by Carlyn Mobbs October 18, 2017

It is important to reflect on the needs of your skin before selecting products. There are various skin descriptions influenced by factors such as genetics, hormones, lifestyle, diet and environment. The botanical ingredients within Aesop Skincare compliment the skins natural state enhancing existing intrinsic functions.

Normal skin will appear smooth, even in texture, and will demonstrate no apparent skin concerns. The skin is not particularly oily or dry, but rather balanced. It may be described as radiant. Normal skin can seem effortless however should be carefully maintained. 

Dry skin will lack oil and have a dull or rough appearance. The skin has less elasticity and will feel tight. Pores will be very fine and flaking may be present. This is often mistaken for dehydrated skin which presents similarly however is caused by lack of moisture.

High level of sebum production will result in oily skin; an overall shiny appearance with a tendency toward breakouts and blemishes. Pores will be enlarged and the skin will appear thicker. Blackheads are also more common.

Combination skin presents itself as oily in the forehead, nose, and chin also referred to as the t-zone. This combination of normal, dry and oily skin can present difficulties in finding the right skin regime.

Blemished skin is possible for any skin type. The blemishes can occur sporadically or be caused by hormonal or medical conditions ranging from mild to severe in nature. Blemish prone skin may also be sensitive. 

Sensitive skin is more reactive toward environmental factors and is easily irritated. Frequent allergies are common due to this fragile skin type.

Mature skin has characteristics of dull appearance and due to less water retention and depletion of vitamins. It may be finer and coarse in texture with a tendency to flakiness due to dehydration. Use a vitamin rich hydrating cream to assist the skin.

Sweet Fern can tailor a skincare regime based upon the needs of your skin type.

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Carlyn Mobbs
Carlyn Mobbs


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